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Posted by pillyforme at Dec 10, 2011 12:01:49 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Will there be fields?

Edit: What about the parleys?

Q: Will the other ocean's flags be able to blockade our islands? When?
A: Blockades will be turned off for a month after the merge. After a month, they will again be opened up and islands will once again be available for blockade from anyone on the new ocean. Exactly how this will affect BK blockades and scuttling is still to be determined.

If you're turning off blockades for a month, maybe there should be a freeze on island income and building.
man is that a good idea ,,, >>>> YES <<<< i'm all for that ! ! !

Renaming your pirate ?? this will kill a mute list ..... Also I was thinking, if my pirate has 4 jolly rogers, (which i'm proud of ) and I rename it ?? does he keep the jolly rogers ?? jolly rogers were to show a certian pirate's age ?? I wonder if 3 rings has thought of this ??

For gods sake use the edit button, I'm pretty sure i speak for everyone when I say that no one likes triple posters.
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