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Posted by Bekkyjo at Dec 10, 2011 9:57:59 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I completely agree with the opinion to expand hearty lists. Mine's maxed, but I have quite a few friends on Sage too. Also, I strongly agree that only people with suffixs added to their names should be able to change their name. It would be too confusing otherwise with everyone else getting their names changed. There'd also be an issue with people trying to claim the names of perhaps more famous members of the community. Although I currently like the population of my ocean, I think this is overall a positive idea. Someone mentioned earlier that we should be awarded trophies stating which oceans we came from after the merge, which I think would be fantastic. ^_^ Also, I disagree with the individual who stated that trophies such as the #1 trophies should be reset. I worked hard for my #1 trophies, I wouldn't want them to be taken away from me simply because there will be more pirates with Ultimate standings after the merge. :\

I don't really have any other concerns regarding this topic. Glad to see OOO are doing something to keep us alive - I honestly didn't see much of a future for Y!PP otherwise. :)
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