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Posted by Shawe at Dec 8, 2011 3:20:29 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I wish this was 4/1/2012 so I could read this, think about it for a second, and then laugh at the clever joke. Sadly, I'm 99.99% certain you're serious about this - which makes me laugh in a completely different manner.

You've decided to merge oceans and your list basically merges the #1 Pauper (Mala) with the #1 Prince (Viridian). Hence, players that chose the "hard road" to play on Viridian from day one - where everything is more expensive and takes more time in the game to get, will now be curved out with the under-achievers of the game that play on the joke ocean where everything is worth nothing?

Maybe OOO should consider getting out of the video game industry all together, and offer your services as Social-Economic advisers to the Obama administration. Honestly, as someone who's been playing all sorts of video games for over 20 years, it's hard to think of a bigger failure that I've heard of. The Nintendo Wii comes to mind, and is close... but at least you could play Excite Bike on that.

So - Viridian players after this update happens expect to login and all your items and belongings will be worth ~10% of what they were previously worth and watch the mass sales of fams and ships happen when Mala players move over and their items are worth around 500% what they're currently valued at.

On top of the already stated, how does this "solution" address the 1,000 pound gorilla in the middle of OOO studio - the fact that the influx of new players to the game isn't enough to sustain those that are leaving? Best case scenario is that the Viridian population goes from 750 average to 1250 average (assuming that there's no cross-population between servers, which there is... to a large degree). So in another year as more and more people leave the game (aside from the current set of players that will be extremely upset at this poor decision that leave immediately) - next December Viridian is back to having a player base of 750 players if SEGA hasn't decided to kill the game by then.

Like I said - I wish this was a joke. Feel free to compare my analysis to your own oceans that will be merged - I only really care about the Viridian merge here because that's where I play, but you're looking at the same thing across the board.

Thanks for the early Christmas present/announcement OOO - will definitely help me make up my mind about how much YPP I'll be playing in 2012.
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