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Posted by jh4l at Nov 24, 2011 7:44:29 PM
Re: well im bored again so time to have some FUN
Well I think its time to kade. I have the fame now and I have a couple of islands picked out. I just have to talk to the island owning flags and see if there up for it. Like I said it will be a fun kade and the flag will not do pay wars or any of the other stuff. We will going in with our sloops and do our best. If you want to job for us great. If you want to grab your own sloops and go in great. I would love to see multiple flags drop and have a massive free forall as long as you join in with a sloop. A non sinking kade would be great for the fact more people would join in. Thanks everyone
Jhlife Captian of The Deadly Return and King of Apocolypse

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