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Posted by Forculus at Nov 23, 2011 5:24:56 PM
Re: New release!
Teet11 wrote: 
Perenoel1 wrote: 
So whats everyone think of yesterdays newest release? Isn't it exactly what you wanted?

Did something actually change?

There was quite a bit of exciting stuff in this release, but I couldn't reveal anything in the release notes, unfortunately. Various things will be popping up in the coming weeks; patience, my friends!

false_dmitri wrote: 
They just announced a buyout. I imagine they've been preoccupied. Give it a few months to see what direction it goes.

The SEGA deal hasn't affected YPP development in any negative way whatsoever. We're all still really excited about the news.

Auntyjemima wrote: 
I guess they updated it without a reboot?

Things that only affect display/appearance don't require a reboot, just a client update/restart.

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