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Posted by Ezder at Nov 21, 2011 9:49:59 PM
Re: Pay for Play Island plans.
Olive theme change
Just wondering if anyone cares that we change the theme on Olive to "Australia" ? Is there anyone out there with some spiritual connection with its current theme ( i dont actually know if it has a theme)

I don't think it has a theme, at least I failed to find one. I started a simple "olive" theme with the Pimento palace and "Tasty Missions" EH (mission is a kind of olives), but those are both gone now and probably any renames are better than the current state, so... Go for it.

And yeah yeah, tart away about the way I make my posts, if it amuses you.

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Qvintvs flag royalty chats, "I won't play for that much longer and when I quit, my pirate's dead body will be sent out at sea on a burning ship and let's face it, you will be on that ship as well.

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