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Posted by Beenbassin at Nov 20, 2011 5:23:57 AM
The Box Auction You've Always Wanted To Go To -- Presented by Outbreak

Ahoy, Mates! And Fair Winds from the flag Outbreak! We be here to tell ye about our first ever Box Auction. But this is not your average box auction.

To Start off the information you will need to know:
+ Auction date is currently set for 7:00 PM, game time, on Saturday November 26th.
+ The Event is hosted by Outbreak, and will be in the crew Figg'n Cadders, held on a GF.
+ Contacts for the event are myself, Ow, and Hairpen.
+ There will be a total of 30 boxes for auction, each with the approx. minimum value of 100k.

+ Once a bidding round is ended the winner will choose the box of their choice, and it will be taken off the board, and noted.
+ Pay is required upon completion of bidding round to ensure people do not bid with money they do not have.
+ Bidding starts at 80k, and increases by a minimum of 10k increments.
+ Failure to pay will result in box being available again.
+ Boxes will not be given to the winning bidders until all boxes are auctioned off, in order to make it a true mystery box auction.
+ Auction is bidders choice (Winner of each bidding round chooses the box they would like)

Extra Incentive:
+There will actually be 31 boxes available to pick from, however only 30 will be auctioned off. The buyer who pays the most for their box will get the left over box absolutely free!

Now for what you all really care about, The prizes:
+ Unnamed Tan Monkey
+ Unnamed Tan Octo
+ Unnamed Navy/Blue Serpent
+ Upgraded Iron Monger Shoppe on Fintan
+ War Frigates
+ War Brigs
+ Xbecs
+ Baghalhs
+ Sloops with 18 Rouge Marks for a custom rename
+ LE Ships - Harvest Cutters, Inferno Sloop
+ Pets: Tiger, Kark, Gator and more!

Special Grouped Boxes:
+ Parlor Galore: Swordfighting Table, Spades Table, Hearts Table, Poker Table, Rumple Pit, Sword Rack, Bludgeon Trunk, Mug Rack, Wrapped Parlor Badge
+ Like Fine Wine: 6 Wine Chromas, and a large amount of Female Wine Clothing
+ Furniture Pack: Arch Model, 2x Atlantean Seal, 4x Crossed Tridents [varying colors], Gorg Model, 2x Skeleton Chair, 2x Scarecrow, Golden Armor w/ Sword, Lacquered Table, Desktop Viking Carving, Mead Vat, 2x Crossed Swords
+ SMH Clothes: Varying Conditions, Varying Colors, Both Male and Female

+ We reserve the right to reschedule the auction if blockades will interfere with people's ability to come to the event.
+ Pay Attention to the list as it will be updated constantly until the day of the event as we get more and better items for the auction.

Any questions, comments, concern should be left in a reply below, or sent in game to Ow.

Edit: Added LE ships to the list. Date Correction. Clarified LE ships. Add unnamed tan octo
Ow on Viridian
~Senior Officer & First Mate of Hexed
~Prince of Outbreak - Events Planning, Flag Fundraising

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