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Posted by Sverdrup at Nov 19, 2011 4:02:17 PM
Re: Intent on Garden Cradle
First and foremost, I would like to thank Cairna for a most spirited and wonderful 3 hours giving us battle teaching us much new things. Despite out-jobbing KO/IC by 20-30 jobbers (counting 3rd parties and allies), we got beat rather well as our organization and bnav still has much more space for improvement that KO/IC's operation did.

We bow our heads with respect.

I also bow my heads for the marvelous jobbers that kept our ships afloat much longer at times than they deserved. Our first-time admiral and jobbing contact Gega and Accalia, too, made things run amazingly smooth despite the many booches and glitches that are all mine.

We spent about an hour afterward to discuss the many areas where we can and will improve (practice makes master) our shooting and influencing.

As for costs, a very rough estimate indicates that we spent about 900,000 poe for the jobbers, and perhaps 100K for supplies (yes, we did not always shoot enough), so this 3-hour shooting adventure cost less than 1 Mil.

If we can do it, others can, probably better. And again, thank ye for a fine battle and showing us a goal, Cairna, Knockout, and Imperial Coalition.
Sverdrup, CPTN of Schroedinger's Cat, Heisenberg's Uncertainty, Meridian

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