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Posted by v76odessa at Nov 19, 2011 12:13:32 AM
Re: Bipolar's Intent Fer Jorvik
In an effort to entertain jobbers due to recent developments, Crimson Tide will have some events for the 3 rounds of Jorvik.

  • Round 1: Roto-Navigation (ever wanted to drive a war frig (or brig if we fill the first boat) for a segment while trying to sink a treasure sloop or 2 or 3?)

  • Round 2: Local Tournaments & Trivia on board a Grand Frig (After it gets on the board)

  • Round 3: Station Bake-Off on Grand Frig
    1st Segment - 1st place for each station - 1k
    2nd Segment - 2nd Place for each station - 2k
    3rd Segment - 3rd place for each station - 3k
    4th Segment - 4th place for each station - 4k
    5th Segment - 5th place for each station - 5k

Awsomeness to whoever thought of this. If you guys manage to make it sinking, I will donate some poe to the sloop so that the Thual lasts a bit longer!

(Dont thank me mates. I will not use my poez, but 75% of the poe I have won off Yearbook in poker in the past week)

So Thank ye YB!

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