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Posted by shadymermady at Nov 18, 2011 8:28:17 PM
Pay for Play Island plans.
Putting it in one thread because its easier and apparently "easy" is the new black.

To put it simple, P4P do not have any individual plans for the Islands we blockade and happen to win. For more details continue to read my long boring more detailed stuff.

Corona: Blockaded because we wanted to help hurt Legacy and all the other islands owned by them at the time were taken, simple as that. The plans we have for Corona are; we wont let the furni die even though we have had alot of people saying we should dust it and rebuild something else. We are planning to do some scuttling over there every second weekend if we still have the island to give us something to do. not our problem no more :)

Olive: Our main objective with Olive was firstly to help the BK win it from PA, then we wanted to take it over so we could help fix it. We have already put into action rebuilding the island back to how it should be and will continue to do so if we successfully defend. IF however we lose the island we are willing to handover the list of shit still needing to be done to KO so that they can finish what Ivdripper has started.

Hadrian: If we win Hadrian we will look after whats left of the island and not build anything else on it. We have a few ocean wide events planned that will involve anyone and everyone interested in them. If we win Hadrian, events aimed at virgin flags will be run from the island. Some of the events planned will have blockade packages included as prizes so that we can do our part in helping new flags start to cade. Hadrian was also chosen out of convenience and sheer laziness from my part since i have a SY and ready waiting fleet there.

SOOOOOOo.. no flashing lights or dancing girls waving cookies or any of that other shit.. this is what we are doing. No matter who you all choose to support, at the end of the day we dont really care who wins as long as its fair fighting.

I will add: P4P is always open to suggestions, so if you see something that we could be doing more of or whatever, just poke me in game or send me a PM. Posting flame tournys about it are also welcome as long as they are Rumble, Double elim, bring your own.

edit - haddy - will rebuild on dusted shoppes only.
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