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Posted by Ezder at Nov 18, 2011 2:36:54 AM
Re: Olive Island.
I'm obviously biased, since I built that EH in the first place and I had my reasoning behind that, but I would actually suggest replacing it. As I have understood it, two EHs on nearby islands is more than twice as good as one, because it's possible to buy more charts for a certain route at the same time. When we had the islands, it was easy to see that sales in the Swampfen/Olive EHs were about 10 times as high as the sales in the EHs we used to have at TLM/Fintan, in total about 20 maps/compasses per day on each island. That can also increase your stock sales, I guess, though we never really saw any effects of that. (Nativepride would know better, though, he was the one running the stock.)

Otherwise, I guess some people might like a new BM in Jade, though the interest doesn't seem that big (judging by recent Harmattan incidents etc), since Laby has one and the cost of a whisk is rather reglectable if you're going to buy black boxes. I suppose.

Also, glad to see the palace reset and even with some paint! There is more work that could be done if one wanted (downgrading/upgrading bank and estate agent, renaming the bank and palace etc), but you have fixed the biggest eyesore, which is great. Thanks for that!

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