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Posted by jh4l at Nov 10, 2011 4:51:25 AM
well im bored again so time to have some FUN
Well like the title say "I'm bored". So I figure I would blockade some outpot island, not sure on which one. I plan on dropping and only going in with sloops (yea yea waste of time) I'm realy not planning on taking the island, but more into having flag members and friends nav and just playing around. If I drop on your island I would like to keep it nonsinking for the fact it is for fun. I will not do a paywar or even match. I might even have jobbers nav. Like I said its for fun. If I was to win (lol) I would keep the island stock with rum and balls at a lower cost and do what's best for the pirates in the ocean.

Jhlife captian of The Deadly Return and King of Apocolypse
Jhlife Captian of The Deadly Return and King of Apocolypse

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