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Posted by shadymermady at Nov 9, 2011 7:20:13 PM
Re: Dear Pay For Play
I havent heard any rumours that someone was dropping on corona at all. If someone wants to drop on it though and we have prevented you from doing so with this scuttle send me a tell or a PM and i'll see what i can work out for you. I was bored and so i decided to scuttle.. it wasnt to shield from a blockade. We are thinking about taking a heep of sloops in and pvping eachother for the fuck of it, you are all more then welcome to come join in on the fun.

Roseh is correct also about not really needing/wanting or being interested in the island.

@ Cab, it wasn't accidental, but no, we havent heard about a drop at all. We would have welcomed a pvp cade over a 1 strength WQ any day.
Betty - Obsidian

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