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Posted by Benzene265 at Nov 9, 2011 9:05:13 AM
Re: Create seasonal winter trinkets for the game! [ENTRY THREAD]

Trinket 1: Heart Shaped Box.

Theme: Valentine's Day
I suppose it could be Nirvana-themed, but they're probably all-season, and from the 90s no less. I'm probably dating myself just by having heard of them before they invented Google. The ribbon and box can both change color.

Trinket 2: Cranberry Sauce Boat

Theme: December Daily Doodles
If I weren't somewhat wary of getting smote, I'd say it was the real reason for the season. Furthermore, depending on when Easter is, the Spring Doodles might fall in the same time period. The Ds are dark green, enabling them to change color. I stayed away from red, since the cranberry sauce is rather close.
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