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Posted by the_rock99 at Nov 4, 2011 11:32:34 AM
Re: Olive palace etc
I am in no way condoning Hurly's actions but I think it was pretty naive to leave your furniture on an isle you dont own anymore.

Its a nice gesture placing your trust in them NOT to destroy your furniture, nice but naive.

What I don't get is why the rest of you are getting butt hurt over it? Its Avienda's furniture. Shes allowed to be angry (Along with the rest of Legacy since their queen got disrespected) and want to rip em to shreds. It what way does it affect the rest of you, the fact that her furniture got dusted?
It appears that Avienda initially asked the governor if she should worry about her furniture and was told that it wouldn't be touched.

And she posted it in a public forum, no? Should it not be up for discussion? I'm pretty sure everybody here would be disappointed if someone were to do this so it's beneficial to set the precedent that this isn't acceptable behavior.

Why were people "butthurt" when Nemor had his octo stolen? Because they empathize and don't like seeing stuff like that happen to people for no reason.

Fair enough. Point taken.
Better than you.

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