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Posted by M_Cobain at Nov 3, 2011 2:30:01 PM
Re: The Things You Miss?
I'm probably going to get flamed in all directions, but I just wanted to say the things I miss are the complete innocence of how the game worked, and just joining a voyage (in those days they were called pillages but that got changed for some reason), and just hopping onto whatever station was required without worrying how it would affect my stats. Nowadays, I have problems joining a 'voyage' because everyone seems to want brilliant SF stats. I don't SF with people as I've been burned too many times by people who seem to be able to slay me within 10 seconds. Therefore, I am unable to apply for most things.

So, in essence, what I miss is the old days when you could just have fun, work hard and nobody cared if you were a rockstar PvP SFer or not.

Just my small input.

omg lol yer the biggest dork ever just sayin

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