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Posted by Lotus_elise3 at Nov 2, 2011 5:30:35 PM
Re: The Things You Miss?
I miss trying to make Awad (a palestinian who drove a pick up truck without a liscense and was proud of his Playstation 2 and radio cassette player) have a fight with Israeli soldier Dragonblade for laughs.
And that his sister was the number four prosti-- no wait, wrong guy.

Remember Aru's Rubix cube? And the special candles? The soggy biscuits tournament?

The reason i dont play anymore is because ive been spending all my time and money on founding Cumdles & Family the first worldwide distributors of Cumdles.

Making fun of a fat indian named Arudhir never got old and he somehow went on and got a girlfriend in real life so i gues he gets the last laugh and proves that some girls do find a guy who can solve a rubiks cube in 30seconds a dream catch.

Also expelling him everyday when a crew member did something wrong as a punishment and generally just calling him fat.

Yokomoko faking his death but updating his bebo all the time because he's a genius.
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