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Posted by Lotus_elise3 at Nov 2, 2011 5:22:05 PM
Re: The Things You Miss?
The first few replies have already reminded me of other awesome memories... Apart from "that song" thats not such a good memory..

I miss trying to make Awad (a palestinian who drove a pick up truck without a liscense and was proud of his Playstation 2 and radio cassette player) have a fight with Israeli soldier Dragonblade for laughs.

I mis the Macgreggor jokes.

I miss when familiars were actually somewhat rare still.

I miss hunting Squid Squads war frig pillages with sloops because they did something to piss me off but i cant remember what..

And the Oosteve jokes obviously or the time The Vons won Olive and me and Subliminal made Oonotantix and Oonotsub and lulz ensued.
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