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Posted by M_Cobain at Nov 2, 2011 5:13:32 PM
Re: The Things You Miss?
So i dont really play at all nowadays and check these forums knce every few months but ive noticed even though im rarely around theres still certain aspects of the game i miss? The days when being in a crew actually meant something and you pretty much knew everyone in it e.g. Rated Arr (Marto, Spud, Jacko, Lewis, Eddytheteddy, etc etc) Or the thrill of running a blockade or even just navving in them ans trying to make a name.

Trolling around on the forums and all the political side of the game, miss the days before poker when pillages werent just there to fund the next poker fix and were there for socialising and feeling part of a team.

Just wondering if theres any aspects of the game anyone else misses - this goes for even if you still play.



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