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Posted by briskysforum at Nov 1, 2011 4:20:11 AM
Re: Imperial Coalition Intent to defend Hadrian and the Bushes
Long live the forum.. long live the free speeech.. since obviously many forget the fact here is not to be right or wrong just to be out here.. and free speeech dont take away responisibility for what ye write

fact.. I agreed to a nice freindly cade.. but as I stated to annnex flag any 3 party and all deals off ( they just forgfot to paste that from their copys lol so convinient )

fact.. 3 party entered way before cade started by action recorded and saved ( what I mean with 3 party is up to me not annex or anyone else )

fact.. legacy people aint freindly to me and dont help go to a new flag starte october 26 and say we are a new flag.. what new flag has the mean to pay 1800.. go figure

fact.. its my cade my way so shoot up and cade me,, dont try to blame IC or others as usual they try do defend themself rather then send the mob to the sourse.. me.. I agreed to help both IC and TBC and was set in charge of Dentrite and had fun.. in chaos

end of story

go talk to the hand and remember its sinking if you try to hide under alt flag and hide under bad manners.. go figure yer own manners and method before ye complain.. elite hunting ables or use proficent alt for an ult bnaver wont give me any reason to other then play yer kind of game

I do welcome a small flag who i know play the game not trying to fake the game and trust me .. I know if yer real

Thank you Swede for paying and shipping and thank you IC for getting me jobber support.

We dont need essay's. End o't day its ment to be fun not who has the biggest ePenee.
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Poor Alice. Hang tight. ====== Alright, Alice has been restored to you.
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