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Posted by shadymermady at Oct 30, 2011 3:54:03 PM
Re: Imperial Coalition Intent to defend Hadrian and the Bushes
And Shady, why would 2 of your flaggies ask me for nav spots, one even a member of IC's cade crew at the time you dropped your chest on Hadrian, with the other the night before asking if he could take a ship in on friendly terms?

Is this a real question, or just some half assed attempt to try and stir shit? Well let's pretend it is an actual question just incase.

Im not sure who the second person would be but one of those people would have been jamie i think and who cares lol ? Do you think we actually planned to drop on hadrian? I was just excited to even be online for it and happen to have a SY on hadrian and therfor had some ships there. We dropped a chest because i knew you would throw a tanty and this amuses me. Jamie asked me if we needed him to nav, i said " i thought you were navving for IC"? It wasn't actually some badly kept secret that people from P4P were going to nav for you. So i guess the short answer to your question, is, Two of my flaggies asked you for a nav spot because they knew you would give them one ( them being goodlooking young boys and all) and they didnt know that P4P was going to enter the blockade.
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