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Posted by WenchCleo at Oct 30, 2011 3:15:39 PM
Re: Imperial Coalition Intent to defend Hadrian and the Bushes
Im confused as to how you ever believed that running a large island blockade, then an outpost blockade out of the same cade crew would ever work, especially if pay could not be dropped.

It wasn't an exactley difficult situation to rectify really. Just need a wee bit of thinking pre-cade.

Pay can be dropped, once Hadrian was pretty much over and Dendrite was starting all they had to do was announce to the jobbers that pay for Dendrite was going to be lower.

I know because when BoD and Chocolate Coated ran back to back cade defenses out of BoD... CC had raised the pay for their cade higher then BoD wanted and so when our cade started we announced the lower pay. And had no problems with jobbers jumping ship because we were at the same pay as the attacking flag.

It didn't even require pre-cade thinking! Just a belief that having an even cade that didn't bankrupt either flag was more important than winning at all costs.
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This thread is like a spanish soap series, I don't have a clue what they are saying and all the actors suck.

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