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Posted by kenjennings at Oct 30, 2011 12:02:56 PM
Re: The Pirate Diplomat brings to you.... The Daily Pirate! (Mix of diplomacy and rumour stomping news)

Definition: Forum - a meeting or assembly for the open discussion of subjects of public interest.

The three posts below mine are pure examples of what shouldn't happen in a forum. If its too long and dont wish to read it, then dont! :) No need to advertise it for the rest of the world to care.


For what it's worth, I read about 75% of it before posting. Needless to say, you could have saved everyone a lot of reading and made your main points in two to three sentences.

It seems that you're new to forums so I'll give you a brief breakdown of how things work here and how they differ from the definition you posted.

In my experience, it's very hard to hold the readers' attention in longer posts, particularly if you don't have the reputation of being a thoughtful, intelligible poster. Generally I'll read through the first few sentences of any longer post and decide whether I'll continue based on that. I doubt others are as patient as myself so they skipped over most of your post and branded it 'tl;dr.'

There are also a lot of impatient, immature, or just obnoxious posters that care more about silly one-liners and herpaderp (which we all do to varying degrees, but I start to question the utility of your presence on Earth if you're doing it all the time) than for actual discussion. The handful of posters that branded your post don't really fall under that category, so you're not exactly being ripped into by morons.

Moving onto your idea, as Roseh said, there have been several attempts to do that in the past, with varying degrees of success. Personally, I think it's not a bad idea in general but I think it would have to be done by someone who has followed the scene for a while or has even been in it, despite any bias that may yield in their writing. Journalism is never unbiased. Perhaps it would be best to have several people doing this so we can all choose for ourselves what to believe.

If you really want to do it, go for it. If you do a good job and it's a worthwhile read, people will start to appreciate it and will take you more seriously. If not, well, sorry. I don't think anyone will be particularly unappreciative of being asked questions here and there, so I don't see any harm in poking players in-game for "interview."

And I don't think hate is the right word to use regarding the recent counter*-Legacy actions and events. It's Legacy's actions and certain policies that many don't agree with, not the flag itself and its capabilities. Many, myself included, were very optimistic about Legacy's potential to become a flag that could positively affect the ocean. Unfortunately, a lot of us were disappointed but that's a story for another thread (perhaps your first article).

*-rather than 'anti-'

And I'll probably get some tl;dr as well, especially now that I've called it (first person to do it gets a kick in the crotch).
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