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Posted by Chui111111 at Oct 14, 2011 1:52:50 PM
Re: Intent to juggle some outposts
Dropping on Dilemma islands when they said they couldn't have a friendly this weekend since some of them won't be home is really showing how much you love blockades!

Same with WaR. They asked if we would have a friendly one this weekend, to which I said I couldn't make it due to other issues.

Good luck in the flag sits.

Naw. I didn't ask for a friendly. I informed you that we would drop, seing how you were dormant, so you wouldn't have to see your island gone next time you logged on and never know what happened. The decision was made, no matter your reaction. You asked if we wanted it friendly, I said we're fine with either, which is where you said you would not defend. And that would probably have been the case at any time if I hadn't talked to you first, but being dormant is not a reason to stay unchallenged on your island in my opinion.

If you took any notice in the island, you would see I had no hand in how it was run. Afura and others from Party in my Pants were taking wonderful care of the island, and even scuttled many times in the past to create some action around there.

So sure the flag was dormant, but the island running with events, in no way were dormant.
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