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Posted by BobJanova at Oct 10, 2011 10:43:02 AM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
Wardecs by small flags on large flags are (rightly) treated as a joke and ignored because you're asking for a completely unfair fight. In exchange for risking all their greenie officers' ships, potentially several officers themselves and the possibility of sabotage (though it's bannable, it still happens, and it's much easier in a large flag), you're giving them ... nothing. In most cases, not even the chance for their active PVP hunters to chase you, as the kind of flag that offers wardecs tends not to have ships out 95% of the time, or at most an elite sloop which is not interceptable.

Wars will be accepted if you are a serious political competitor and they feel they can 'win' the war, i.e. cause you more political damage than they suffer (simply draining the PoE, but also the 'lol you lost a war' reputation), or if the political consequences for refusing to return a wardec are considerable. That's simply not the case because all the serious political players realise that answering a wardec from a small flag is a bad idea.
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