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Posted by WenchCleo at Oct 10, 2011 10:24:47 AM
Re: Reasons for not returning War Declarations?
Elliptic wrote: 
That "excuse" is used a lot because it's always a valid reason.
Not so.

Using the protection of junior officers as excuse to avoid war, I feel, is an excuse of senior officers to avoid the consequences of their own failures to train and support their junior officers. The best way to prepare officers for war includes:

1. expect a certain skill level in piracy (distinguished in sail/carp/bilge),

2. own a sloop,

3. an hour-long training session (or test pillage),

4. friendly PvP with an in-crew trainer to explain "pools are your friend",

5. provide jobbing support by senior officers on junior officer's pillages,

6. explain that the attacker has the responsibility to hit and avoid the appearance of the "disengage" button; if an officer chooses to run, seek the disengage, and succeeds to get it, then s/he has won the PvP with honor as a defender;

7. pledge to replace all sloops sunk in war with crew funds, if the sloop has at least 5 people aboard.

Admittedly, this is a lot of work, perhaps too much work for most "elite" players, but it results in a strong, happy, mutually supportive crew and flag as well as trying to keep the game alive by growing it from the bottom up rather than the top down.

This type of pirating is not rewarded materially, you cannot "buy" blockades and collect islands with it. It is one of the many built-in contradictions and conflicts provided by game design. Few people with legendary battle navigation skill take green pirates onto their boats. I do. I plank them fast, but 8 of 10 do real well, better than many "elites" or "alts." I derive pleasure (not power, not poe) to have trained many green pirates and greenish officers to become legendary battle navigators themselves.

This is why we can and will go to war, if we so chose and if we judge the other side to be non-toxic and of stable mental health.

EDITs: Forgot Elliptic's quote that this is a response to. Spelling.

Actually, I have to disagree with you, Sver, DH has always had a policy of training officers, but we actually left a flag because they were constantly getting into wars and we couldn't pillage at all without getting hit by sinking pvp's... and for a small crew without the poe to constantly replace ships and trying to run multiple shops with merchant runs it was just too difficult. I'm not afraid of pvp's, I have officers that love to do them and regularly do them, but if I had a large flag again, I wouldn't force my crews to have to constantly worry about being sunk, particularly against flags that are known to "hunt".

I have to disagree with you also, Lune. Hunting greenie pillagers just keeps them from learning how to pillage (granted I think about 90% of the pillagers out there nowadays need to actually be trained on how to pillage first), if you have a new bnaver who's just learning, they're probably going to get very frustrated and possibly quit if they're losing ships in sinking pvp's.

There is nothing stopping you from pvping a flag, and targeting them... the only thing a war does is allow you to sink them. And, frankly, with the ship in a bottle thing now, that's not even that much of a hardship.
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Martobain wrote: 
This thread is like a spanish soap series, I don't have a clue what they are saying and all the actors suck.

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