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Posted by Soar at Oct 7, 2011 12:01:27 AM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion
QM doesn't actually track the restock percentage or shares, haven't found a need for it yet. But yes, I will definitly be looking through all the LE ships and seeing if they are al registering correctly.

Added those chat lines Jlh, thank ye kindly.


Maybe to give an accurate booty count ? :)

The last time I took a look at it, it was working as follows. Please let me know if there have been changes so I can update.
When it comes onboard the booty is initially split 50/50 between the booty chest and immediate payments to the crew. So QM would track both these amounts. The booty chest running total is dispalyed in the booty manager (but now that I think about it, it would proabably be more useful displayed on the main window if I could find space for it, heh). The immediate payments went towards the end-of-pillage report that shows you how much you earnt personally for the entire voyage. That pops up on the divvy chat msg.
The crew restock % didn't come into play until the final divvy so it wasn't needed for the numbers QM tracked as they were all covered by chat msgs.

RE: Ice_Devil
I'd love to put QM on Mac and the other OS's, but it's programmed in Delphi which is reeeeealy hard to port. It would probably take a full rewrite. A few people have offered to do it in the past but as yet nobody has been able.

I'll update the OP with my progress this week. Hopefully the first beta will be out soon with some of the new stuff and bug fixes to test.


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