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Posted by Neonila at Oct 1, 2011 4:59:19 PM
Re: Let us entertain you! - Intent to blockade Islay of Luthien

Big thanks and a bigger barrel o rum to ...

Our admiral: Sweetiepiepi
Our navers (alphabetically): Bloodydeath, Crazycory, Locu, Ocpirate, Ravenfan, Stonebaby, Sweetmomma, Theridric, Xule and Zarchi
Stock n' gold elves: Stonebaby and Crazycory
Ship elves: Ravenfan and Sweetmomma
Tourney elf: Casdin

Last but not least all the great flaggies and jobbers that made having fuuuuuuuuun possible!
Booching Blaggards ->

If the Fish Rumour Mongers had their way, we'd be dropping on everything.
I dropped a plate the other day. Does that count?
-- Missiep --

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