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Posted by Soar at Sep 23, 2011 6:29:15 PM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion
Ahoy :]

Re: Jamesh

Windows 7 - Thanks mate, I'll write up a section for the OP on help for users having trouble with the current 2.4a and put it in there.

Auto-plank - Yep, current version is 2.4a.

Monster & DC - Hmm i am going to rework the damage counter. Perhaps a warning with the enemies that use regeneration would protect me from complaints about it never being accurate. This way the base stats would at least be shown. Will look into it.

Battle Scoring - Hmm think I'll leave this one to the client systems. I'm kinda stretched for space with QM these days and this would require a display area or new window. It does present a good idea for other 3rd party app developers however. Maybe an app that tracked wins/losses/booty totals for all the different types of BNaving (Pillage/expeditions/CI/Atlantis/etc.) and sent these to a server where they could be displayed on some kind of ranking tables. Like a detailed version of the ingame ranks but with all voyyage types (BNav stats only take in to account pillage results I've heard). It wouldn't work inside QM as it is windows only so not exactly fair to all.

Re: Randy Chimp
Well you get spammed to death by things like people jobbing and spamming vessel chat that you can't see tells and the like.

The best I can do with this is already in the chat tab window. Please don't tell me that is busted too, lol.

Re: SirCarl67
Unfortunately QM doesn't support multi clients. Things get really really messed up wth the client interaction. It would become a bug fest.

Re: Sagacious
I think you can set sounds to be played when specified messages pop up in chat. Somewhere in the Options window I think it was. All you'd need to do is set the system messages you wanted to have sounds for and Bob's your uncle. The commod counting and hold alerts could work, but the first step towards that would be a hold calculator for traders/foragers planning how much they can ship before sailing. The data and interface for that could then be imployed for your suggestions. I'll take a look if I get time, but definitly no promisses. :]

Thanks mates!


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