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Posted by Soar at Sep 22, 2011 4:35:07 PM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion
Ahoy Mates

RE: jlh0605
I recently returned to running larger pillages (junk, wb), and have found that I want some of the features that QM offers. I do use Windows 7, and there is, as of now, a way to make it work on Windows 7.... I'll explain it if asked to.

That would be very useful. I'll re-post it to the OP to help those with the same problem.

One bug not mentioned, and the reason I stopped using QM in the first place is this: Once auto-plank has been turned in, it cannot turn off.

I'll take a look at this, it shouldn't be happening. Does it still occur with the current version?

Other possible improvements:
Borderline bug, but filter out a lot of the IO, VR, HS, SW, BT auto-messages whose equivalents are filtered out of chat.

These are the out of place messages I mentioned in the bug section. If you can give me a copy paste of the lines that should be going to the "Others" tab I'll pop them in the filter. PP keeps on adding mroe and more with each update and so its an ongoing process to filter them all. I'll post the ones I have collected so far to the OP today. But yeah, as you find them please post them in here so I can clean them up.

Include HS
Include trikes, arches, gorgys, and HS ships into the damage counter.

Sinker boards really won't work with the damage counter. These batttles have regeneration active for just about everything, so the damage count will always be incorrect. Pretty much all you can do is refer to the ship or monster stats to give you a general idea and then shot till it sinks.

Okay, this is probably just me and a few other nutheads out there wanting this, but is there a way to keep a current win-loss record of the pilly (perhaps linking it to navigator's name?), and-or keep track of the number of each ship beat?

Not sure I understand this one correctly. Isn't there a report on the PP booty div that shows the win/loss score?

RE: Randy Chimp
One thing I would definitely recommend if you don't already have it is a way of filtering chat for in blockades

What kind of filtering were you thinking of?

Thanks for the input mates!


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