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Posted by jlh0605 at Sep 21, 2011 11:22:08 PM
Re: QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development Discussion
I recently returned to running larger pillages (junk, wb), and have found that I want some of the features that QM offers. I do use Windows 7, and there is, as of now, a way to make it work on Windows 7.... I'll explain it if asked to.

I am very happy to see the list of features being fixed/tweaked, and would be very happy to try testing.

One bug not mentioned, and the reason I stopped using QM in the first place is this: Once auto-plank has been turned in, it cannot turn off. I don't know if that was a problem for everyone, or only for me. I would use it in certain pillages of mine, but then when I wanted to use it on somebody else's Atlantean run, to see who's good and stuff, it'd try to plank them every time someone came on.... not good.

Other possible improvements:
Borderline bug, but filter out a lot of the IO, VR, HS, SW, BT auto-messages whose equivalents are filtered out of chat. (i.e., I don't need QM to tell me if we won or lost that Viking Raid, I can see for myself, thanks).
Include HS
Include trikes, arches, gorgys, and HS ships into the damage counter.
Okay, this is probably just me and a few other nutheads out there wanting this, but is there a way to keep a current win-loss record of the pilly (perhaps linking it to navigator's name?), and-or keep track of the number of each ship beat?

I'd be happy to help out with the testing, and I am fairly active (on 4-5 days a week usually).
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