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Posted by Soar at Sep 21, 2011 9:45:50 PM
QuarterMaster Ver 2.5 Development (BETA-1 Testing)
Ahoy Mates!

Well it has been a while since I've been in these waters but last month I played for a bit, and then a bit more, and this month I'm back into the game regularly and sailing with a crew on midnight.

So now that I'm once again playing I feel the least I can do is get an update for QuarterMaster out the door and fix all those bugs that have accumulated. There are even some new feature ideas I'd like to try, and maybe the community could give me a few more of those. I've started the new thread because the old one is just too old, and long, and I can't edit the OP which means searching and reading to find answers.

With new features comes a new version number, 2.5, and I think it's best if I make the development process an open discussion. I'll try to keep the details below as updated as I can with my progress. As we go along some things will have to be dropped for various reasons, but I'll do what I can. An open BETA round or two before release would no doubt be a good thing too and so I will post a link to the various BETA versions once they are ready for testing. When it is all ready to go I'll change this OP completely to a support thread, or perhaps just start a new one.

If you have found any bugs not listed below or ideas for features or changes please post them here for discussion.

Links to previous version (2.4a):
QuarterMaster 2.4a Download Page (Current Version).
QuarterMaster 2.4a Support thread.
QuarterMaster YPPedia Page.

If you are having trouble getting QM to install or work under Windows 7
- Download the zip file from here: QM2.4a Zip Download
- Drop the contained folder, with all sub directories & files, into where you want it installed (something simple is best, like your main C:\ drive).
- Right click the QuarterMaster.exe file in the main QuarterMaster folder and select "Properties".
- In the Properties window go to the compatibility tab and check the box "Run this program as an administrator". You also might need to change the compatibility mode to windows service pack 3.
- Then you should be able to run the QuarterMaster.exe without problems.

Anyways here is the work in progress...

QuarterMaster Ver: 2.5 (Development Notes)

To help test QM 2.5 please download and install the program from the following link: QM 2.5 BETA-1 Installer Download Link
The above installer should work smoothly so I'm going to be brave and not supply the usual zip file option for BETA-1. The installer can update a previous version or provide a completely new installation. When updating an older version it should convert your pirate database over and keep most fo your program options. Noteably your icon ordering options will be reset, as well as your chat window positioning and resizing info.
Along with testing the program as a whole, I need the stuff listed in the notes below tested particularly. Especially the Hearty Assist and new installation system. If you find bugs please report them to this thread. Be sure to let me know what windows version you are using in your post.

The current BETA-1 includes the following changes from V2.4a...

New Stuff

- Hearty Assist (Complete)
QM will maintain a list of your hearties and display them along with their stats in a similarly way to the vessel crew list. This allows you to view who has what stats when putting together an elite pillage. You can sort the list, tag hearties with notes, and send tells from within QM. A right-click menu lets you reload their stats, perform a /who, and add/remove them from the list (inside QM only).
The system should load your full hearty list everytime you log in and then keep track of who is online after that point from your chat logs. So it won't know who was online before you logged in. You can change player's online status manually by clicking the light bulb by thier name.


- (Complete) Added a button to open the chat window from the main window.
- (Complete) Added all new ships and images.
- (Complete) Added new oceans.
- (Complete) Redesigned unknown pirate icon on vessel list.
- (Complete) Added Rigging Icon to vessel list icon line.
- (Complete) Added Hearty Icon to vessel list icon line.
- (Complete) Added Sword fighting Icon to vessel list icon line.
- (Complete) Added Rumble Icon to vessel list icon line.
- (Complete) Increased horizontal expansion limit for Main Window.
- (Complete) Created a more reliable installation package.
- (Complete) Converted the damage counter back to version 2.3. (Temporary)
- (Complete) Redesigned login interface.
- (Complete) Changed login background music and installed a toggle button in top right.
- (Complete) Improved automatic dectection of chatlogs.

Bug Fixes

- (Complete) Check ship types are all registering correctly upon boarding, including theme ships.
- (Complete) Fixed crew update to work while on greeter duty.
- (Complete) Damage Counter graphical layout is all messed up in Windows 7.
- (Complete) Some pirates are showing faulty independent status.

The Following is planned for the BETA-2 (i.e. Not included in the current BETA version)

- (Tinkering) 'Setting Sail' sound. Possibly as a toggle that you turn it on, and when it sounds once it turns itself off.
- (Tinkering) In Voyage Planner allow user to enter an amount of one rum type and have it display the equivalent in the other rum types.
- (Tinkering) Activate the "Battle" button independently of the PTB system to allow sending of OOB messages at any moment.
- (Tinkering) When sending damage reports to chat, allow SF damage to be sent in lines + blocks (e.g. 2 lines + 3 blocks)
- (Tinkering) Signify disconnected pirates on vessel list.
- (Tinkering) Add a config file instruction help page.
- (Tinkering) Add prompt to reload vessel crew list when boarding a new ship.
- (Tinkering) Thrall handling for CI fight.
- (Tinkering) Display booty total on main window.
- (Tinkering) Research and add HS ship stats.
- (Tinkering) Explore possiblities for multi-client support.
- (Tinkering) Update Officer Training course with new content/changes.
- (Tinkering) Queue pop-up messages in main window so they don't overwrite each other.
- (Tinkering) Display bots/thralls onboard as a seperate number in the crew total on main window.
- (Tinkering) Damage Counter Overhaul. Once the codework is in place I will need some help from Navers to complete the numbers used for this one.
  • Redesign layout to make it larger. Keep option for mini-size via toggle button.
  • Add ability to display ship names.
  • Add SMH monsters.
  • Add HS ships.
  • Review multi-DC interaction.
  • Possibly add turn counter/timer, allowing sinking regneration tracking and display if turns remaining till disengage.


- (Tinkering) Opening the damage counter does not resize or align the chat bar correctly.
- (Unable To Fix) The damage counter window seems to have a 'bleed through' effect on mouse clicks, causing the mouse to click the PP window behind it.
- (Tinkering) Investigate problems with running the program under Windows 7.
- (Tinkering) Status updating for pirate's position, such as 'In Battle', 'On Land', etc, appears to be messed up.
- (Tinkering) Verify MG ram damage.
- (Tinkering) Gold list is clearing names when tab is changed.
- (Tinkering) Review booty total tracking.
- (Tinkering) Check jobbing crew names are registering correctly, and that member's ranks are showing purple.
- (Tinkering) Main window resizes are not saving.
- (Tinkering) Check auto-plank it turning off correctly.
- (Tinkering) Check parsing of the Yoweb pages is using stats from ocean-wide.



**Please post in this thread any chat lines that are parsing into the wrong tabs in the QM chat window so I can get those placed correctly. The following lines have already been dealt with in the coming patch.

Vessels may be sunk while attacking this brigand king flotilla, enter at your own risk!
<WILDCARD> has withdrawn the flotilla to regroup elsewhere.
Thar be nothin' left here but sand! Time to git yerself back to the ship.
<NAME> ordered everyone back to the ship!
<NAME> aborted the negotiation.
Ye find <WILDCARD> inside!
Boarders from the raft clamber onto yer vessel as theirs sinks to the depths.
The broken timbers jutting rib-like from the briny gloom whisper the fate of a once mighty craft.
Ye doff yer cap to the lady in the deep, and thank her for yer newfound riches.
Ye hear a splash, and the sound of foreign footsteps.
<WILDCARD> Thrall was defeated and shambles off into the ocean.
Click on any of the white-named pirates to challenge them to a practice sword fight. Check the tournament board for upcoming tournaments or join some mates for a drink or a brawl!
Yer vessel be overrun with zombies! All hands join the fight to save the ship!
Bought chart to <WILDCARD>. Smooth sailing to ye.
Yer Explorer reputation is now <WILDCARD>
The crew opens <WILDCARD> chests and finds <WILDCARD> items and <WILDCARD> pieces of eight. <WILDCARD> chests are set aside for the vessel owner.
Ye received <WILDCARD> pieces of eight from Atlantean chests!
Ye receive <WILDCARD> pieces of eight for yer work.
Order placed. Check the Items tab on yer pirate page to see the progress of yer orders.
Arr, ye can no longer pursue the <WILDCARD>: That vessel has put into port.
Thank ye kindly for yer purchase! <WILDCARD> has been charged to <WILDCARD>. Yer account shall update momentarily.
Authorizing your credit card...
Ye are eligible for a new reward! Check the Ahoy tab for details.
The competition <WILDCARD> has ended.
<WILDCARD> won the <WILDCARD> category in <WILDCARD>
To arms! <WILDCARD>!
The vessel is full, you may not post a job notice.
<WILDCARD> ship disappears into the mists.
Ye've helped defend against the vicious vikings.
Several of the ship's dedicated hands leave the outpost with <WILDCARD>.
Ye received <WILDCARD>!
Yer ship has been awarded <WILDCARD> for yer help. <WILDCARD> from the reward have been placed in the ship's hold.
Ye have received <WILDCARD> from <WILDCARD>.
Shiver me timbers! Ye've used up yer hours of advance labor and will have to wait for actual hours to pass before ye can apply yer labor to foraging again.
Ye can still play the puzzle if ye like; ye just won't be receiving commodities of any value.
Ye are now the proud owner of <WILDCARD>!
Avast! There be nothin' shiny left in this dismal sand heap! Let fly the mainsail me hearty!
Could not find a nearby Trading Post.
That item is too old to put on a rack.
The competition <WILDCARD> has ended.
A landlubber ye ain't, unless that land holds buried treasure!
Ye've cleared out most of this hoard. Put yer backs into it and get the last few chests.
A hidden cache emptied of its loot, yer pockets heavy with ill-gotten treasure...ah! It's good to be a PIRATE!
The sparkle of treasure dances amongst the wreckage below.
'Tis sure ye'll be making better use of this loot than its previous owners.
Ye have won <WILDCARD> in the tournament!
Game over, winners: <WILDCARD>.
Final scores:
A sudden chill creeps over the vessel.
Ye're almost to the bottom. Pull out the last of the chests and be done with it.
Ye've hit bottom mate! That's all for this hoard.
They buried this treasure where nobody could find it, and today, ye be that nobody!
Ye've cleared out most of this hoard. Put yer backs into it and get the last few chests.
Ye've plundered all ye can! Time to shove off this flyspeck island.
'Twas quite a haul! Now get yer sorry carcass back to the ship with the loot!
Can ye smell the loot mate? ?It's bound to be around here somewhere!
All hands join in the fight to purge the ghouls haunting this sunken treasure!
Could not tell <WILDCARD>."
<WILDCARD> dismissed <WILDCARD> from the crew.
The ship is out of <WILDCARD> cannon balls!
Last one to the treasure be a balmy bilge rat!
Arrr! A job well done. Let's git that treasure on board!
Ye're almost done. Ye just need to clear out the last of the loot.
This be the place! Now where'd that sorry sea dog hide the booty?
This be the place. Spread out and look fer a spot to dig.
This vessel's team is a contender in the blockade and may ultimately take the island!
The ship has been knocked out of the blockade!
The blockade is over, <WILDCARD> is now the owner of <WILDCARD>
An old silt-mired hulk looms below, a faint gleam peaks out from its broken hull.
The shipwreck slides silently into the depths as ye haul the last of her treasure aboard.
Ye don't have enough of those!
Ye've already selected enough!
Yer ship has relieved the empire of <WILDCARD> pieces of eight. <WILDCARD> pieces of eight from these spoils have been placed in the ship's hold.
A cursed islander was driven off by the maneuver.
The crew feel nearly up to braving the Cursed Isle after a mighty helping of rum.
With continued exposure to the fog, the crew begins to see terrifying visions that distract them from their duties.
<WILDCARD> has taken control of a zombie.
Now that ye've sunk their ship, ye'll need to raid the outpost. Ashore, mates!
You have been refunded <WILDCARD> for your canceled order.
Amongst the shattered timbers and corroded cannons, the friendly glint of treasure winks at you from the depths.
The tournament has been cancelled due to lack of participants.
The competition <WILDCARD> has ended.
<WILDCARD> won the <WILDCARD> category in <WILDCARD>!



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