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Posted by Yassenn at Sep 13, 2011 6:45:06 PM
Re: Flotilla Gone PvP (Exposed's Anegada Giveaway)
When Snowy and I first thought up this event we were stumped on how to prevent the merchant ships from hiding on the edge of the board or running the whole time. We agreed that forcing the merchant ships to cover flags would be the best solution for several reasons:
- It is clear cut, no gray area, either you are covering points or you aren't.
- Contesting points is more important than getting sinks in a blockade.
- Merchant ships flag sitting off to the side encourages flags to load other ships and attack them.
- It creates a need for strategy. What size influence ring would be safest? What cluster should the merchant ship sit on? Which naver can dance and cover points the best?

All in all it is the best way to ensure the merchant ships are participating in the blockade.
Is it the weekend yet?
Yassenn of Hunter/Sage
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