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Posted by randomact at Sep 13, 2011 5:32:00 PM
Re: Flotilla Gone PvP (Exposed's Anegada Giveaway)
Sounds fun!
2. This ship doesn't always be on a flag, but it must always influence a flag, you will be having the first 5 mins of the Event kade to get on a point.
If there's no big cluster you could potentially see 4 or 5 ships flagsitting half the blockade after sinking 1 or 2 ships each (or perhaps even one ship flag sitting the whole event without needing to shoot at anyone). I'm assuming the rule is so a ship doesn't wait somewhere on the board for everyone to sink each other before coming across fresh to do their damage.

Just a suggestion, feel free to to disregard it: perhaps remove the influence rule and put in a rule about the need to be contesting - attempting to sink other ships - on a regular basis. Obviously your judging discretion would come into it in deciding if someone is contesting enough, but I think it would serve to be a bit more fun for the duration of the event.

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