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Posted by bross4 at Sep 13, 2011 1:14:04 PM
Re: Flotilla Gone PvP (Exposed's Anegada Giveaway)
So to be clear,

We have one important ship, the merchant ship? And this ship must ALWAYS be on a flag? When does this start? Because we ofcourse have to sail to the flags.

Also, say our merch is a Warbrig. We can load other war brigs (not saying we will, it may not fill) to bring them in to ONLY protect our merch, not compete?

Thanks Yass

Always on Top will be competing head on. We're thinking Brig or Frig.
Goodluck to all the other competitors:D
Warfrigates of Hunter
Royal of Always On Top
No matter the scenario.

I happen to love War Frigates.

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