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Posted by LunEnvoy at Aug 11, 2011 10:38:35 AM
Re: Legacy's intent to scare Razor's Edge into scuttling Spectre
Awww, cute dahl, you think we should all be little cookie cutter pirates, doing the same mindless things over and over and over :D

I do like this tidbit though:
dahl wrote: 
two weeks later, Terra got hit and Qvintus naved against RM. "We're not official allies so what I do doesn't concern you", lol, if people are this desperate for their 15 minutes of fame or 3 hours of cadenaving, you can be damn sure they'll be prepared for anything.

So desperate in fact, that they realized how to have fun by using their very own noggins, and not the same mock specimen of a brain everyone else seems to have thats been passed down over the years called 'this is how to play viridian properly'. Legacy already won its fame. Now theyre just getting fun. (Not fun for you? Too bad, Flags are meant to provide for themselves and their own interests, not the general publics')

And SuperAltperson- Most people who pretend to/do like legacy do have something to gain, you're absolutely correct. However, idiot school obviously didnt teach you that the top is very small. And everyone underneath the top, yeah, theyve kinda got something to gain. Jus sayin.

@Rich. Seriously dude? You're sniping me in-game. Im going to kill you.

I'm still just the guard dog. I bite. They shoot.

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