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Posted by black_beard7 at Aug 10, 2011 12:23:00 PM
Re: Best places to shop
Bludgeons - Kirin
Swords - Dragon's Nest
Ships - Lima / Terra (occasionally)
Clothes - Lima / Terra

Decided Id have a simple look and compare some of the islands you listed. Ive compared them mostly against Kirin as thats were I'm based.


2/21 ships were cheaper on Terra than Kirin and that was only small ships the Sloop and Dhow. Most ships on Kirin were typically many k's cheaper especially the larger ones.

Lima - 7 / 14 available ships were cheaper on Lima. However adding in the seven that's could be made if the large shipyard was run properly, brings it up to 7/21.

Small ships - better to buy from Lima and Terra. For your LE and larger ships Kirin is best - odd despite not spawning wood.


Im going to use aqua/aqua as its the first in the list.

1 same price and 4 cheaper on Lima out of a possible 11.
Other 6 were cheaper on Kirin.

Kirin is typically cheaper however delivery times might be better on Lima.


Use blue/blue - first reasonably priced colour.

DN vs Kirin
Of the 15 swords, 5 were cheaper on DN compared to Kirin. Of the swords cheaper on DN typically it wasn't a large difference.

DN vs Lima
2/15 swords were cheaper on DN.

Lima is the overall winner here. I didnt compare it against Kirin but id guess it'd be cheaper.

I just simply clicked on random items and compared across. I didnt take note but I found of Terra, Kirin and Lima the latter was typically cheaper.

Terras prices ranged from reasonable to absurd for some items. Lima had some noob stall owners who brought there overall average down, I'm not sure how they make a profit sometimes.

Best to shop around here, you might find one thing cheaper on one island.


Lima vs Kirin
Again it varied alot, I clicked on random things and compared prices. Sometimes either was cheaper. my only note was expensive furniture was typically slightly cheaper on Kirin.

No winner here. Kirins delivery times are alot better however.
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