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Posted by Chiptharip at Jul 30, 2011 5:40:04 PM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)
Since the people aren't reading all the threads

Going to weigh in, but let me preface this: I navved 3rd spot in this blockade. I navved FF's final frig. I fully admit, I got owned - embarrassed even. I blew Round 1. I have never had a blockade where I don't outshoot my opponent on at least one move. So, you can take what I say with a grain of salt; however, I assure you, I am not bitter.

That said:

Let's ignore the past thing with Surtsey/Viridis. That third party action was surely a reaction to Legacy working with Proof the last time they faced off with TFF.

Shadowy has been working with my Sage flag and a few other experience players to learn the blockade game. To this end, he and his flaggies have got various spots in blockades with the intention to develop his blockade game. This blockade, in flag navs took the lead and Shadowy was going to try his hand at admiralling for the first time.

Shadowy contacted Avienda on Thursday. Avi, please correct me if I'm wrong. He asked for a friendly blockade, but initially declined to give the exact target. Eventually, though, he ceded and told Avi which island he would attack. They both discussed the previous 3rd party business with Proof and assured it wouldn't happen again (Proof had a job offer up today, but that's only worth mentioning in passing). Shadowy then repeated his request for a friendly blockade, and Avi told him that she was glad someone had the "balls" to drop on them. Later, Avi contacted another FF royal and said how it was a poor idea for Shadowy to have contacted her. The blockade proceeded today with a brand new admiral and multiple unexperienced navs. Legacy went sinking at T-2minutes to live time.

So, I do not see how Legacy can logically claim they are for the development of blockading talent on Viridian or opposed to stagnation. Legacy, please cut the crap. Admit you are in the game for island holding. Don't pretend you care about developing in flag talent (you recruited out of flag for JC/VA and navvers), nor are you for helping more Viridian flags enter the blockade game. You aren't in it for the entertainment of blockades; if you were, then you wouldn't have had your ships navved by out of flag navs, outjobbed by 60 or go sinking with no time to convert to frigs (FF's R1 strategy was superior for a nonsinking blockade). I admit, as does FF's members, that you beasted us in an aggressive blockade. However, the decision to go purely aggresive in a manner you hadn't done before (especially against a new flag) was some goon shit. You want to hold the glass ceiling up with as much power as you can provide; do not pretend otherwise.
Again, is your response at this blockade in line with your website's claim that flags shouldn't "bully" new flags? At worst, you are just trying to hold on to every island you get. At best, you are enticing new flags to friendly blockades by what you publish on your website, then not practicing that. I don't know which "side" is better.
As I explained to Whitehaze, we still had our "max" amount of ships on board when the dropoff you posted happened. Furthermore, your graph demonstrates what we've been saying all along. Along with using the best out of flag staff you could find (I know some of your land and sea staff you asked couldn't show), you guys went sinking and outjobbed. Your graph shows you outjobbed the enter blockade. Again, goon shit for someone that posts on the website "we don't want to bully". Using all in flag staff and allowing even jobbing would have been too much of a challenge?

More deflections. There are multiple points in this argument. Every single individual event isn't, in itself, terrible; however, the combination of events demonstrates that Legacy is absolutely full of it. Again, any flag is welcome to do what that want. I mean, my flag on Sage has gone to war with a first time blockading flag. But we don't misrepresent the context or claim we are for other "styles" when we don't act that way.

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