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Posted by 2NDSKY at Jul 30, 2011 5:36:49 PM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)

I admittedly did not see much of R1 as I was naving on hunter, however from what I saw, Snowwman singlehandedly lost you a round. A 60 jobber difference is rough, I know, but when you have the win within your grasp despite the difference, make unnecessary mistakes and then blames the other side, you're only making yourself look really dumb.

Also, you can only really blame this jobber difference if the opponent doesn't allow you to catch up, which I don't know if they did. What I do know though, is that you could've beat Legacy the round I saw if you would've just naved a little bit better.

Sigh, last post for the day... Dahlgren you should know that when we entered R1, we entered to make the best of it. I wasn't gonna do yet another pay raise for a blockade where I knew I was gonna pull out after the first round. We made the best of our jobber base we had at the time. Only bringing in new ships when others got sank. Seeing the circumstances every naver did a great job. I think the discussion of wheter or not to send in more ships or to pull out, got some navers distracted, and making them booch up a little. In the end it didn't really mather, they had fun naving, and that's that.

Besided, when exactly did we blame Legacy for the way we naved? I think you should go read up on their defense intent.

Edit: Give Solate a break, he's just bummed he didn't get to nav because of Legacy's actions. Sure I could of put him out there on a WB against 3 Legacy WF's, but I don't think he would of learned much out of it. It might of even put him of from trying to blockade nav ever again.
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