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Posted by Yasmi6 at Jul 30, 2011 3:20:13 PM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)

This was the lowest thing I have seen in viridian.. ever.

Ever flabbergasted,
Solate (Muse of Delirium Cordia)

(edited: Dropped War Dec to Accepted War Dec)

Now that Riddlemakers arent actively blockading are we all gonna start tarting on Legacy?

Or is all this tarting just jealousy?

I havent seen the cade cuz I am at work but reading all those posts on how fair legacy was just made me come here...

Why is it so wrong war declaring back when you are defending an island? If you gonna attack be prepaired.

The more power you have or the higher you are, more people envy you.... Keep tarting it just makes my night entertaining and amusing ....
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