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Posted by Ameranth at Jul 30, 2011 2:55:19 PM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)
Post it.

Solate tells ye, "Ameranth"
Ye told Solate, "hi"
Solate tells ye, "I have a question :-)"
Ye told Solate, "aye?"
Solate tells ye, "Did you have anything to do with what legacy did ?"
Ye told Solate, "?"
Ye told Solate, "did what?"
Solate tells ye, "The war dec ?"
Ye told Solate, "aye, i voted for it... defender making it sinky is pretty normal in cades"
Solate has been removed from yer hearty list.
Solate tells ye, "k good to know,"
Ye told Solate, "ive heard we supposedly agreed to keep it non sinky, but nobody ever said anything like that"

I'm going to be fair here, fairer than you were charging in full of outrage and looking for anything that might back up your preconceived notions, and admit that this *could* have been misinterpreted as saying I heard that from our flag. I didn't mean it to sound like that. Just to clarify, I heard that from *your* flag.

Solate tells ye, "you did lol"
Ye told Solate, "not me... not Q, not avi"

But then I explicitly told you that none of us ever made that claim.

Solate tells ye, "Sorry but I am done, that was completely shady and down right .. just disgusting"
Solate tells ye, "not surrounding my self with people who did that"
Ye told Solate, "?"
Solate tells ye, "Ameranth has been removed from yer hearty list"
Ye told Solate, "i dont know who said it would be non sinky, but it wasnt one of us..."

And again, telling you it wasn't anyone from Legacy that said that.

Solate tells ye, "whatever :-)"
Solate tells ye, "well if you knew it was said"
Ye told Solate, "Q would have gone for non-sink if the cade had been arranged"
Solate tells ye, "why didn't you correct it"

Also telling you that it could have been non-sinky if you'd bothered to ask us.

Ye told Solate, "first i heard about it was tarting halfway through the cade"

And informing you that the first I heard about a non-sinky cade was whining from your flag during round 1.

Solate tells ye, "I am done talking about it, sorry"
Ye told Solate, "k, but youre basing your decision on a lie"
Solate tells ye, "Dont worry :-) Knockout is a coming"
Ye told Solate, "but i guess truth isnt as important to you as indignation"
Solate tells ye, "I am not mad, lol just dont with the BS legacy pulls"

And this pretty much proves my point. I was puzzled by where this claim was coming from, and wanted to sort it out, but your attitude was to ignore anything that disagreed with your preconceptions, and go "la la la I can't hear you" when presented with any evidence to the contrary. I was a little busy at the time acting as JC, so might not have been as clear as I could have been, but had you talked it out instead of running off there wouldn't have been any misunderstanding and we wouldn't be having this chat in public.
Ameranth of Viridian Meridian
Senior Officer of Nightmare, Prince of Legacy

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