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Posted by Solate at Jul 30, 2011 2:09:24 PM
Legacy (You're So Cute)
This thread is not made to bash Legacy. Just Avienda (joking). This thread is made for many purposes, but mostly to inform the jobbers of what went on in the background.

( Avienda and Legacy are used interchangeably to maintain interest)

We approached Avienda on Thursday with our intention, henceforth she knew our intentions with plenty time to spare. So, if we had any intentions of making this cade unfriendly would we have given them this much time, as there only defense is they were approached in an unfriendly manner. Unfriendliness is just Legacy's transparent excuse to hide behind, nothing of that sort happened.

Unfriendliness against a flag with a larger fleet than us... yeah good defense Legacy. The fact that anyone would believe that is beyond me. We were as friendly as any flag would have been.

(Avienda was asked to post the chat logs, so if she does.. be the judge)

(Time to Fast Forward ^.^)

1 minute before the blockade began. Legacy accepted thewar declaration on us. To be honest we weren't exactly surprised by this move, but it wasn't at all expected. There motives were in (paraphrased) avienda's words were to get us back for the Viridis attempt #1 in which proof pulled his antics and what not.

Post-Cade (After Fast Forward Pulled out) it was acknowledged by Ameranth that someone had told Fast Forward that it would be a friendly cade. but it wasn't Qvintus, Avienda or Ameranth. ( Was that another part of there plan, to lower our guards ? Just like the licks to get to the center of the tootsie pop.. The world will never know, or maybe just not believe you.

This was the lowest thing I have seen in viridian.. ever.

Ever flabbergasted,
Solate (Muse of Delirium Cordia)

(Would Love to here your input thanks)

(edited: Dropped War Dec to Accepted War Dec)
(-Solate on Virdian Ocean-)
I such troll :-)
It feel good ;)

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