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Posted by Demonboyred at Jul 5, 2011 6:30:43 PM
Re: Stupid Thread.
His posts have more importance than over half of yours and your playmate.

1. Posts that analyze the importance of other people's posts are critical for the integrity of a topic that has the word "booty" in it, amirite?

2. You could never understand our love.

3. How's Malachite? Does it make you feel like a man? Does pride come as easy as stats and familiars do? Being arrogant on Malachite is like being arrogant in the WNBA.

1. Meaning that either most of your posts fail to do this, or when they do, they're wrong.

2. I really don't care too. I simply placed the two of you together.

3. Pretty swell. Pride does come as easily as the stats on both oceans. Cadeboard is pretty fun too.
Bunnyspawn, Malachite's most arrogant player.

Also Bunnyspawn on Sage and Hunter;Disgraced on Viridian.

I support PvP in sinking environments.

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