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Posted by Num1ace at Aug 9, 2005 4:00:00 PM
Re: Ship HO! Man the guns! A guide to Sea Battle
I've got some intresting tips for naving in sea battle.

Brigands are complete geniuses when it comes to sea battles, they can always find those rocks to crash in to. Note the tiles imidately around the rocks, when crashing a brigand into the rocks stay imidately outside of those tiles. I can't prove this but it seems that if you move your ship into those tiles it hides the rocks so the brigands can't find them. In other words they make more inteligent moves.

I've had jobbers walk out on me because I'm such a bad navegator. I will turn right at the edge of the map so my ship bounces of the rocks and then turn left and go straight repaetedly to keep from getting back on to the map. Those brigands are even smart enough to follow me and will usualy catch me out there bouncing of the rocks any were from a couple times to well when ever I decide they have enough damage. I may have to align my ship back and forth from the left to right side of the rock to keep the brigand on the rocks, it does require you to use 4 tokens each turn so this is not always easy to pull off.

The brigands will ussualy follow you around the rock so if you don't have quite so many turns and the brigand seem to be running dry on turns as well you can bounce your ship off the rock in the same fashion but instead of turrning away from the map go straight or you can turn away and let it pull you back to the map what ever you have avalible to use to get you there. If the brigand is pretty dry on turns he will bounce of the rocks a few times. If the brigand is going to follow you, you want to make sure he will be on the tile you are on just before you go around the ouside of the map.

Another thing you can do is put the brigand at the edge of the map with a rock between you, if you have been making moves straight to the edge of the map and your bow is pointed off the map the brigand will almost certainly go around the rock so it will bounce off, ussualy just once or twice but every little bit helps. If your bow is facing toward the rock or inside the map, I'll bet the brigand avoids crashing into the rock unless of course you some how make it clear you will turn around and head out side the map but I don't see how you will do that, remember they are geniuses.

Rocks at a dignal are good for banging a brigand of the rocks, if you remember to stay outside the tiles imidatly around the rock, moving your ship significantly back and forth with the rocks between you and the brigand can keep them on the rocks. Don't expect much from two rocks at a dignals but 3 or more works well.

I think the navy ships will stop moving when you are in a close proximity to them so leading em around the rocks at the edge fo the map and staying close enogh to the navy ship can produce a lot of damage, I can not be sure, they could just be lazy and after significant amounts of damge their bilge fills up and they are permantly stuck. I have easily bounced a navy ship 40+ times of the rocks in a row with that tactic. Although bouncing them 12-20 times off a small rock will cause max damge. I like to make jokes incase your wondering why I sometimes wait that long.

I also noticed that every player ship who has ran from me will run into the edge of the map, this is a bad idea. It limits your moves and I can easily over take you turning left and right avoiding the edge of the map myself. How ever if you do manage to lead the player to the edge of the map congrats you got lucky and can easily get away but I won't follow you. Ounce I over take a ship at the edge of the map assuming you over take em at a tile dignal to them, they got three moves they can make and can be easily caught. Running into a corner is the like asking to be caught its not a good idea. When running stay away from the edge of the map and turn left and right, you move two tiles or at a diganl which ever way you consider it you cover more ground then just going straight. I only recomend going straight whenn fine tuning your moves around rocks, into and out of whirl pools and wind jets and those few extra moves when your opponent is running dry on turns to catch up to or put more distance between you and them. I find when running/catching a runner the 4 straight moves given at the start are ussualy enough to do the job so I focus on left and right turns and only on straight turns when I know I'll need them.

I got more, and you can infer a few good strats form what I've given here. I got to keep a few secreets :)

- Corey
- Corey

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