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Posted by pegasiswolf at Jun 23, 2011 6:35:07 AM
Re: XMAS IN JULY -24 hr WB pilly.. lots of prizes!!

Thanks to the generosity of some more pirates.. we have been able to PAINT the plain prize sloops in xmasy colors (reds/greens)

so ty nidhoeggr, serenity, lizzielou, senga, dendrobia, and of course everyone else that has helped

also... Akash has donated 2 sloops(among other things)... so we have an EXTRA sloop to give away.. so I am just gonna wrap it up (via trinket) and toss it under a tree with all the other wonderful presents!!!! good luck!!!

Akash has also donated some STOCK (500 rum and 1500 small cbs).. not for our pillage... but to be WON.... so (10) lucky winners will be winning 50rum/150smcbs each!!!

thanks to lunarena and cuthroatcaz...we also now have (2) unnamed LE pets hiding in presents waiting to find new homes, a black dog (original cost 50K+50dubs), and a black small dog (original cost 50K+50dubs)
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