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Posted by pegasiswolf at Jun 21, 2011 11:36:06 PM
Re: XMAS IN JULY -24 hr WB pilly.. lots of prizes!!
Will their be any Sub-Events inside the "Pillage". For example. Will there be occasional Viking + IO + BK Compasses to do for a lulz?

Im sure on such a long pillage.. we will win lots of expos... and if they are in our path.. we will stop to do them (tho we wont recharting backwards (well maybe 1-2 lps lol)... (of course.. whether or not we do the bk ones.. will depend on amount of booty we would risk/number of ppl onboard.. etc)

If anyone would like to bring viking/non-sinking IO expos along .. I dont see any problem with tossing on a FEW of them along the way... (tho we will be charting for entire ocean... so 20 expos.. all by admiral would be a distraction lol)
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