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Posted by Briggsy1979 at Jun 18, 2011 12:49:23 PM
Re: Favouritism problem
Okey as I have been mentioned by name in the original post I feel I must add a little.
Minutes i would have totally agreed with what you was saying about the favoritism with certain pirates before that day you actually saw me. The only reason she spoke to me was because I was fortunate to have just won the first banana octo in the last sub boxs on the day of release (I know i was a lucky swine but i have always won total rubbish before like a sleeping hat) and to be honest I went to the DN docks to show it off....(come on who wouldn't have lol). Up until that point I had never spoken to an OM before or had they me (with the exception of petitions) so i think this proves actual wealth has nothing to do with it. I think it is simply the more you talk to them the more they recognise your name and respond as someone has previously mentioned in an earlier post or you have to be super lucky and win the latest colour fam lol.

They haven't spoken to me since that day, no loss.
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