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Posted by joandart at Jun 13, 2011 1:04:51 PM
Re: Favouritism problem
I actually understand your feelings here, in part. I believe you are completely wrong about the money portion. You will probably find that the yellow monkey incident was part of an auction. As for renamed ships, that sometimes occurs in conjunction with event running, and other special cases. Yes, special. Not blind favoritism special, but earned trust and good cause special.

I understand feeling left out because when I first started playing this game, the forum events appeared to be a sort of private club, filled with the same names, over and over. As I persevered in joining whatever appealed to me anyway, though, I discovered two important things. One- I enjoyed making my entries, so if the "clique" didn't want me, so what? And two- there actually is no clique. The same names appear over and over because these are the people who enjoy participating. The more I joined, the more I found the other players to be welcoming and supportive. The same holds with OMs. They sometimes join in entering events and being part of jokes. Sometimes they can't or don't. It IS awesome when Apollo wanders in and doodles. That's because it doesn't happen every time, even for the regular event runners. A quick Search will show you that.
So please, keep being one of the event maniacs. I think you'll find yourself liking it more, and feeling more a part of the fun, the more you do.
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