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Posted by pillyforme at Jun 13, 2011 11:50:01 AM
Favouritism problem
Im pretty sure this is where to post this...

So, I have been playing since the beginning of Y!PP (with different pirates, and I stopped for a little bit, but you know what I mean) And a major problem in the favouritism from the OM?s Dev?s and rich people. Such as, Yesterday Adrielle created a contest to draw a leopard, (awesome contest) and Apollo joins. This is obviously not a problem because they are allowed to enter any contest. But, If i had of created a contest like this I?m 99.9% sure that Apollo or any of the OM?s wouldn?t have joined or participated in quite the same way. Maybe Apollo would have still joined if I created it, but he wouldn?t have played around with me like he does with Adrielle.

Another thing, A while back I saw Nemesis on the dock, just standing there, Bertz (from Cobalt) goes over and talks to her and they have a conversation. Later I try and talk to her and I am absolutely ignored, but then another rich person (Briggsy) goes over and they start laughing and talking together, while I am standing there. Later on all the ?poor? people are standing around the docks while the rich people are having a blast with an OM. I felt like an outcast.
This is not how the OM?s should act at all. Because if you want more people to stay in puzzle pirates you have to be friendly to them and act like they?re a part of your group. Just because they?re ?poor? doesn?t mean that they aren?t nice people or don?t fit in your clique.

more resons: I don't know if this one is true or not, but Im pretty sure it is because the person that it happened to is rich, Cronus took all of this one guys poe and gave him a yellow monkey in return. Just out of the blue. I dont care if they took all my money for the next ten years, I would kill for a yellow monkey. But unfortunetly, I'm not rich/known so this will never happen to me.

MORE: the OM's renamed Adrielle's ship free of charge because they thought it was funny, But would they think that it was funny if they did it to a greenie or a casualltie? I think not.

Have a great day.

Darkoath Of Cerulean.
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