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Posted by Bramhall at Dec 6, 2004 3:46:45 AM
Re: A question about art contests
Well, the blue boy was actually my not quite one year old son (his head at least) in the picture, and I added other elements to it too...the clock and the pepsi can...blueboy got fattened a bit to try to fit in more with the babish face. I'll admit, it's not one of my best works, but was one of best to illustrate my question, which I was afraid I hadn't asked as clearly as I would have liked.

Sorry if it's not showing did on my screen, so I didn't think anyone else would have problems with it. I'm guessing that the direct page link worked, since Nemo saw the picture, so here's the link:

Thanks for the quick answers. This started because I got an ad from one of the photography sites I frequent offering a special on copyright free pictures, and it got me wondering if we could use details from something like that for our entries into the contests...for example, if I used a picture I'd taken to do Drosselmeyer but used another photograph for the eye patch and then blended it all together to become a new, unique picture.

By the way, googling didn't turn up any usuable answer, so what is Fark-style photoshopping? Just curious. :)

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